Floor and Carpet Care

floor and carpet care services San Diego

Do you like the smell of fresh air just after a rain fall?  This might be an odd question to be asked when we are talking about floors and carpets. 

Here at The Business Cleaning Company it is a pertinent question due to the fact that utilizing Green Cleaning products is important to us and to you.

No Chemical Smells

carpet cleaning services San Diego

After The Business Cleaning Company cleans your floors and carpets it may not smell like the air after a rain fall, but, it will not smell like toxic chemicals.  The commercial flooring and carpet cleaning products that we use are not toxic, do not have artificial scents, and are not harmful to your indoor airspace or the environment.

The Whittaker SmartCare® Carpet System is a combination of products and strategies for consistently maintaining clean floors, periodically performing deep cleanings without voiding carpet mills’ warranties, ultimately giving your floors longer life.

Our experienced, floor cleaning, technicians are certified to perform high quality floor care for all San Diego and Los Angeles areas.  The Business Cleaning Company uses high speed buffing, scrubbing, re-coating, striping and waxing of VCT and linoleum floors as well as deep cleaning and sealing of hard tile, terrazzo, epoxy, slate, ceramic, concrete, and large warehouse floors.

The Business Cleaning Company has commercial floor cleaning experience and the application of the ESD floor polishing products.  The Business Cleaning Company in San Diego works with biotech and manufacturing labs that require ESD flooring finish or anti-static dissipative wax.  We can achieve your desired reading according to industry standards.

The Business Cleaning Company of San Diego utilizes different carpet cleaning methods based on your type of carpeting and building environment.  We offer carpet extractions, shampooing and an innovative encapsulation system.

Emergency Carpet Care!

Get the Fastest Drying Carpet Cleaning Process.

Carpets cleaned using the encapsulation system provided by Whittaker, are being cleaned with a green floor cleaning method.  The Whittaker SmartCare® Carpet System is one of the fastest drying carpet cleaning processes you will find available.  We can clean emergency situations while you and your guests are still in the room.

  • Are you evaluating your cleaning methods? 
  • Have you made the move to Green?
  • Has your Commercial Flooring and Carpet Cleaning vendor made the move to green products?

The Business Cleaning Company delivers quality work you can stand on with pride.

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